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    Things to consider as a Burning Man DJ

    Burning Man DJing: The Maxa Camp Art Car

    Most somewhat adventurous DJs would probably like to be asked to be a Burning Man DJ. Burning Man is all about music around the clock, the setting is stunning and over all it’s just a very unique experience. Catching up with one of our main DJs, Malin, who played for the Maxa Camp at Burning Man this year she shares some practical advice to consider as a Burning Man DJ:

    Burning Man DJ-ing: Robot Heart Sunrise

    Burning Man DJ-ing: Robot Heart Sunrise

    Things to consider as a Burning Man DJ:

    • USBs! This is an obvious one but no laptop will survive the Playa dust. Traktor, Serato and the likes – forget about it.
    • Expect tech problems. People who have been to Burning Man knows to in general expect the unexpected on the playa. Decks will get dusty and if you’re at a moving art car songs can hop if you’re unlucky.
    • Be organised. Personally I never like to plan any sets and I always improvise on the go as I feel the vibe of the crowd. However at Burning Man when you are tired/jet lagged and/or it might be 8 am make sure all your songs are organised and easy to find is a great idea.

      Burning Man DJing: The Maxa Camp Art Car

      Burning Man DJ-ing: The Maxa Camp Art Car

    • This is another obvious one but remember that you most likely won’t be able to download any songs you find out you didn’t bring. Another remind to prepare well before hand!
    • Record your set or do a re-recording when you are back. Your time as a Burning Man DJ = most likely one of the most unique settings you will ever play at.

    Listen to Malin’s Burning Man 2016 mix on Soundcloud here or on Mixcloud here.



    Tales of a Fashion Event DJ

    Harvey - Tales of a Fashion Event DJ
    Harvey Ambomo is a Paris-based fashion event DJ, journalist for Dedicate Magazine & and founder of lifestyle platform He has been DJ-ing globally for over 10 years for clients such as Kenzo, Smalto, Nina Ricci, Thierry Lasry, Nicholas Kirkwood, Henrik Vibskov,  Bentley, Theheartfund, Breitling, Maserati, Veuve Clicquot and many more.

    Tales of a Fashion Event DJ:


    How come you ended up DJ-ing fashion events? 

    I was already DJ-ing in clubs and bars in Paris when friends started to ask me to DJ for fashion events. Paris Fashion Week is a big thing of course with so many events that require DJs. I never set out to be a fashion event DJ specifically, it just happened.

    What are the main differences between DJ-ing fashion events and other gigs?

    As always it’s all about reading the crowd. For big and important fashion event gigs or gigs related to the Cannes festival it’s different from a typical Paris club gig as guests expect to dance until sunrise!

    How do you think Paris differs from other cities in terms of DJ-ing and music?

    Paris is the city where everything can happen, just like in NYC. We have the best fashion houses in the world and the best fashion week. We also have qualitative artists/music producers such as Daft Punk, Cassius, Benjamin Diamond, Justice, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein – Parisian musicians are not afraid of being experimental!
    What’s your most amazing DJ memory?
    I have two – the first one is when I was DJ-ing at the Eiffel tower for the 10th Anniversary of  the nomadic & festive party  called ‘So Happy In Paris’ hosted  by Michael Canitrot, it was amazing!

    The other one is when I was spinning in a private villa during Cannes for the afterparty of ‘The Great Beauty’ by Paolo Sorrentino. Around 3 am some guests were in the pool dancing – completely naked…

    ….and the strangest thing that ever happened to you behind the decks?

    One time a girl brought me flowers and a magnum of Dom Perignon and said I was the best fashion event DJ ever. It was a bit odd! But nice I guess.
    What’s important to think about for someone booking a fashion event DJ?
    As it might be in a venue that doesn’t have the standard DJ equipment set up it’s really important to make sure this all gets delivered on time – especially during fashion week when everything is crazy busy and get delayed. Secondly of course information about the crowd and the vibe of the show or collection.
    Listen to Harvey’s music here.
    Read more about Harvey or check out our other fashion event DJs available for bookings here.


    César Pallace DJ

    Our latest signing is Parisian DJ and producer César Pallace, read more about him here. Also don’t forget to listen to Pallace’s latest track Saturday Love in collaboration with fellow French producer Zimmer.



    Here at Klang Talent we often provide DJs for store events. We work regularly with brands such as H&M, Liberty and Lululemon all year around but especially around Christmas. Placing a DJ for a daytime store event is very different to DJ-ing in a night club so we thought we would list some:

    Questions to ask before you book a store event DJ:

    • Has the DJ checked the tracks for profanity? This one is the biggest and easiest mistake as so many tracks contains profanity, especially hip hop and R&B. Usually you can get clean versions of songs but this is worth looking into before hand.
    • Will the DJ bring their own equipment or will it have to be rented separately? A few stores in central London actually have their own Pioneer decks and mixer but for most store we provide this for them.
    • Can the DJ come in earlier in the week or on the day to pick an outfit? Usually when we place DJs in shops they are given some of the latest items to wear. Quite often for Lululemon events what our DJ-ing have been wearing have sold out on the day 🙂
    • Is there an option to get a recording or re-recording of a mix for the brand to use on social media?
    • Can we have a branded DJ booth? Yes you can! Email us on