Here at Klang Talent we often provide DJs for store events. We work regularly with brands such as H&M, Liberty and Lululemon all year around but especially around Christmas. Placing a DJ for a daytime store event is very different to DJ-ing in a night club so we thought we would list some:

Questions to ask before you book a store event DJ:

  • Has the DJ checked the tracks for profanity? This one is the biggest and easiest mistake as so many tracks contains profanity, especially hip hop and R&B. Usually you can get clean versions of songs but this is worth looking into before hand.
  • Will the DJ bring their own equipment or will it have to be rented separately? A few stores in central London actually have their own Pioneer decks and mixer but for most store we provide this for them.
  • Can the DJ come in earlier in the week or on the day to pick an outfit? Usually when we place DJs in shops they are given some of the latest items to wear. Quite often for Lululemon events what our DJ-ing have been wearing have sold out on the day 🙂
  • Is there an option to get a recording or re-recording of a mix for the brand to use on social media?
  • Can we have a branded DJ booth? Yes you can! Email us on
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